Order status
What kind of packages can wowchy offer?
wowchy offers customers free and wow packages. Wow package costs 2 GEL
How gift cards look like?
Gift cards vary by design from brand to brand that is shown on brand pages relevantly. Though wowchy gives you opportunity to select desirable package and send or deliver gift card by yourself
How are gift cards delivered?
Gift cards are delivered to the desirable address safe and sound by delivery service
What is the delivery time for gift cards?
Express delivery: delivery time is from 2-3 hours and is available only in Tbilisi. Standard delivery: 1 working day in Tbilisi and 2-3 working days in other cities..
What are delivery costs on wowchy?
Express delivery costs 7 GEL and delivery time is from 2-3 hours. Express delivery is available only in Tbilisi. Standard delivery costs 5 GEL in Tbilisi (delivery time: 1 working day) and 7 GEL in other cities (delivery time: 2-3 working days)
Terms of use
How gift cards work?
Now it is possible to buy gift cards online and send or receive them via delivery service. Afterwards recepient can redeem it in a relevant brand store
What is the validity date of gift cards?
All the brands have their own validity date of their gift cards that is indicated on the gift card and its calculated from the activation/purchase date.
How are gift cards redeemed?
Gift cards can be used in stores indicated by brands on our website in frames of the validity date. Gift card recepient can choose any product that is equivalent to the gift card or add money if desirable product is more expensive
What happens if a customer loses a gift card bought on wowchy?
wowchy does not take s responsibility to compensate the cost of a gift card.